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. and to others around the world, i want to make clear once again that america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. our intelligence is focused above all on finding the information necessary to protect our people and, in many cases, detect our allies. it's true -- protect our allies.
, america is losing the battle against mary jane. this year new hampshire and illinois legalized medical marijuana bringing the to 20 the number of states where your pharmacist will soon look like this. (laughter) the dude prescribes. (laughter) and folks, the war on nugs used to have a strong ally on cnn's dr. sanjay gupta who opposed legalizing pot until now. >> i want to remind you that in 2009 you wrote a "time" magazine article entitled why i would vote no on pot. you changed your mind. >> i have. and as part of, you know, my thinking, the reason, i have apologized for some of the earlier reporting because i think, you know, we've been terribly and systemically mislead in this country for some time. and i did part of that misleading. >> stephen: wait a second, we were misinformed by a cable news doctor? (laughter) next you'll tell me i can't get directions to my cousin's house from fareed zakaria's gps. come on fareed, less on syria, more on how i get to where greg lives. (laughter) it's bad enough that is an jay gupta or as i now call him ganja soupta, okay-- (laughter) a global, g
america." president obama announced his government surveillance program and assesses this deteriorating relationship with russia. >> we're doing things that are good for the united states and hopefully good for russia as well. but recognizing there are going to be some differences. we will not be able to completely disguise them. >> hiding in plain sight. this sicilian mafia boss was living in italy for decades. italy wants him back to serve his time. it is summer. it must be time for that vacation souvenir. we will trace how the trinkets have become big business. onwelcome to our viewers public television in america and around the globe. today president obama held a wide ranging press conference at the white house on the eve of leaving for his summer vacation. on the agenda was announcing new oversight and transparency in the surveillance programs that have come under fire. relations with russia were also front and center. presidenturged clinton to think forward instead of backward. tourged president putin think forward instead of backwards. u.s. foreign and defense
? >> stephen: really? is that really who you want to burn down with, america? (laughter) yeah, sure, you thought it was funny when your friend said dude, let's get the dog high. but how funny will it be when he says dude, let's eat the dog's penis. now who are the kids going to look up to at cnn? wolf blitzer, you're our only hope. but at least, folks, there are some celebrities we can still look up to thanks to stories like this. >> john malkovich usually not cast as a hero but is being credited with helping safe a man, real life. the acker helped a 77-year-old man who tripped on the sidewalk and then slashed his throat on some scaffolding. widnesses say that malkovich ran over, applied pressure to the man's neck and waited for an ambulance. >> stephen: truly heroic. and it is malkovich so probably a little creepy. and he is not hollywood's only hero. >> there was no special effects. it was the real thing when actor ryan gosling clutched a woman from the path of a speeding taxist when a 17-year-old flipped his mustang t was patrick dempsey to the rescue prying the boy out. >> does tin h
the air space for the america's cup and that authority and raised concern from our office and well can we expand this beyond the america's cup event when we fielded so many emails and calls of concern boo the nuisance and visual distraction and with drivers and bicyclists and the pollution by the advertisers and to protect the distinctive appearance of the city so i have actually passed out also amendments to this legislation which i would like to make today and it's really just on the findings as brought forward to us by the city attorney's office changing the findings that we had introduced last week and then i will be making a request that we continue this item a week. the city attorney's office has spent a great deal of time reaching out to the faa to get clear guidance in terms of what the city and county of san francisco can do. they're kind of mixed outcomes of what we have seen when cities like honolulu and huntington beach have tried these restrictions so we want an understanding and the office is interested in this legislation and banning the aerial signs in the city but we wa
of america. can you believe that the vision and the determination so all one person or maybe 20 thousand can say oh, i'm home. i'm home. it's been an honor to be part of that. thank you all of you and thank everyone who will be and was a part of this thank you. (clapping) >> it's my pleasure to welcome supervisor mar are a cowen. she's actually on many city hall committees and boards. she was elected over the retirement system overseeing $17 billion. where is denise. $17 billion of investment money but here priority is her community. last week the supervisor helped with the family and musical and food festival. whether she's working inside or outside of city hall we know she's working hard to keep our district healthy and save. please welcome supervisor cowen >> yes $17.6 billion but whose counting. i look forward in entertaining a conversation that we will be able to have about using this funds making an investment in the community (clapping) we make investments all around the world with this fund why not no our own neighborhood; right? really putting our money where our mouth is. okay.
good, go, see you. two americas, a connected one and a nonconnected one. i think people are getting so rang angry about it. >> we are going to have more on that from a different angle. see if the viewers can figure it out. some celebrities are using popularity -- bob is okay. they are pushing causes that say they care about. matt damon being criticized for not practicing what he preaches when it comes to education. that discussion when "the five" comes back. ♪ [ male announcer ] when the a.c. goes out in a heat wave, it's nuccio heating and air conditioning that comes to the rescue. at&t helped nuccio put a complete mobile solution to work. mobile routing to send the closest technician and mobile payments to invoice on the spot. where do you want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ >>> every kid in america deserves a good education so they have a shot at success in life. they are not getting it in america's public schools. it does not help when celebrities support teachers unions. we told you about matt da
at this point in time in america. >> she is not political, she is not speaking out politically the way that abigail did with her husband. she is not a public political figure speaking out on these things. she has her own private views on some things. her views on politics are more about how people behaved. she is much more interested in everyone conducting themselves properly. even people on her own side. she doesn't like it when people who support the policies that her husband supported have crossed a line in terms of decorum. she is not trying to get out -- she's not an activist. i would not want to say that. >> nearly 100 years until women have the right to vote, we should point out for our younger viewers. what role could they play? where did their power come from? >> there is a coda to this story. just as john quincy became more and more outspoken in his opposition to slavery, and famously played a role in the amistad case. there was something between louisa and the green key sisters, who were pioneering activists and abolitionists of their day. i think she comes as close there as
businesses to survive and thrive. we'll meet one owner whose putting the made in america slogan to the test as our special series continues tonight on "nightly business report" for thursday, august 8th. >>> good evening everyone. our top story tonight, banks under fire. remember those controversial financial products that were at the center of the financial crisis? they are back in the spotlight, and so is jp morgan chase. the bank revealed it's facing two investigations by the department of justice, both criminal and civil involving the sale of mortgage backed securities. as jackie reports, jp morgan isn't the only one under scrutiny as they ramp up investigations of the largest banks. >> reporter: the government is turning up the heat on banks about their dealings with mortgage backed securities. in a filing yesterday it's the target of parallel, civil and criminal invelst gages. the probe relates to low quality mortgages packaged and sold in securities between 2005 and 2007. the california prosecutor came to a preliminary conclusion jp morgan violated certain securities laws in connectio
anything left from the co-author of " >> america is a sexy [beep]. the greatest country ever. mark, [beep], everybody! >> is da appearance? >> i have never interviewed my dad before. i'm going home and interviewing him and my mom. and nervous actually. >> what is the biggest political argument you have gotten into with your dad? >> gay find a middle ground on. >> you talk about romance on your show. is there someone special in your life at the moment? >> no, i'm so single. i'm so singl a guy that makes me want to have kids. >> good answer. do you have any desire for political never. once this show comes out, it will never happen. >> if you were to reconsider, i would vote for you. >> thank you, rio. if you ever run, i would vote for you, too. >> thank you very much. running mate right the >> meanwhile be sure to check out meghan's new show "raising mccain" premiering september 14. >> thank you. next, the new book expl untold kennedy stories andndals. >> jack kennedy was receiving very streatments. >> "extra" behind the scenes of "devious maids," what was the most shocking moment on set? >
what made america great is an independent, vigorous presence. if a jerk burns a flag, america is not threatened. political speech is the heart of the first amendment. they're expressing their religious beliefs. now is the time to make justice a reality for all of god's children. captioning provided by the freedom forum first amendment center welcome to speaking freely, a weekly conversation about the first amendment and free expression. i'm ken paulson, executive director of the first amendment center, and this is a special edition of the program in recognition of banned books week. it features three very special guests. they include judy blume, one of this country's most popular and most frequently censored authors, carolivia herron, whose critically-acclaimed book, nappy hair, was challenged in a brooklyn school, and cammie mannino, a bookseller who took a stand against censorship. welcome to all of you. i have to begin with judy. you know, there are these lists every year about the most banned books. each and every year, you're in the top five. you're sort of the beatles of
% containment. it is still growing. we'll have a live update on "good morning america." >>> the search for a missing woman in oakland, california, has led police to a person of interest. they're combing through a fairgrounds after questioning a registered sex offender who dated sandra coke 22 years ago. he was spotted with her on sunday, the day she went missing. he has a long criminal history, that includes kidnapping and rape. and he was previously charged in two murders. >> we have not arrested this person in this case. but we are looking at this person as a person of interest. they have had history of dating. they are known to each other. >> coke is an investigator for the federal public defender's office. her family and friends have put up a $100,000 reward. >>> two college friends of suspected boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsaranev, face charges for throwing away fireworks and other items they found in tsaranev's dormroom before capture. if crickonvicted, they will spe0 years in prison. >>> the atlantic hurricane season has been fairly quiet so far. but there may be busy months
growing. we'll have a live update on "good morning america." >>> the search for a missing woman in oakland, california, has led police to a person of interest. they're combing through a fairgrounds after questioning a registered sex offender who dated sandra coke 22 years ago. he was spotted with her on sunday, the day she went missing. he has a long criminal history, that includes kidnapping and rape. and he was previously charged in two murders. >> we have not arrested this person in this case. but we are looking at this person as a person of interest. they have had history of dating. they are known to each other. >> coke is an investigator for the federal public defender's office. her family and friends have put up a $100,000 reward. >>> two college friends of suspected boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsaranev, face charges for throwing away fireworks and other items they found in tsaranev's dormroom before capture. if crickonvicted, they will spe0 years in prison. >>> the atlantic hurricane season has been fairly quiet so far. but there may be busy months ahead. the forecast is calling
rights. for one thing, you get to vote in san francisco. you get to vote in america. and that voting right is so precious. and we saw just a month ago or less than a month ago how we revisited how valuable that voting rights is, and all the sacrifices that heroes of this country had to protect that right for everybody. we want everybody to enjoy that because that gets you a voice and all the things we initially talked about. we want citizens to have a proper rich orientation and training classes that will conduct -- that will be conducted through this initiative, nonpartisan voting, the rights to vote, the right to be educated around every ballot measure that we have, whether it costs you more money or it doesn't cost you anything, or how do we improve muni, whether it costs you more or doesn't cost you anything. how do we do all of that in a much more involved way? education, outreach, more engaging new citizens to mentor and help other eligible immigrants navigate the citizenship application process. we think this is our next big challenge, but opportunity just beyond the work that
.s. but not just workers benefit. who else is reaping the rewards as we wrap up the series made in america. all that and more tonight on "nightly business report" for friday, august 9th. >>> and good evening everyone and welcome. i'm tyler mathisen along with sue herrera. susie gharib has the night off. in a far-reaching press conference today, the first in three months, to took questions and gave answers on top picks critically important to american business. he tackled healthcare reform and the possibility of a government shut down to immigration, privacy and whom he might choose as the next chairman of the federal reserve. >> good evening, tyler, the president addressed a series of issues, as you say, in his press conference today and said he doesn't think the leaker from the nsa, edward snowden, is a patriot and released a series of reforms he would like to implement. here is how the president described what he would like to do. >> we can't and must be more transparent so i directed the intelligence community to make public as much information about these programs as possible. we have alrea
of justice announced today it is going after bank of america, doj says america's second largest bank lied about the riskiness of 850 million dollars in shares of home loans that were sold to investors. >> another big bank could be facing trouble from the federal government. >> jpmorgan chase reports that a preliminary justice department investigation found the bank did indeed break the law while selling residential mortgage bonds from 2005 to 2007. >> yes! accountability. (cheers and applause) >> we got them, baby! whooo! >> accountability. >> yes! yes, sure, justice has been a long time coming but that is just going to make it all the sweeter now. so let's start with bank of america. how many people are going to jail? and just for the sake of simplicity round it up to the nearest 100. >> this is a civil suit so no one is going to jail. (laughter) no one, really? that's-- now i'm to the going to be needing these celebration doves i was going to release. (laughter) we didn't drill holes in the box-- hold on, hold on, no, there's a note to. to whomever finds us. i think it was a suicide. th
. what is the gain for america? >> it is a gain for the rest of us in a couple of ways. we have to realize how many kids are the kids of immigrants. for example, in california, half of our kids have an immigrant parents. the gains that they make translate into the next generation, having more resources in the house. we can focus in on the earnings gain, but somebody who is a citizen starts to feel more comfortable about going to school, engaging with teachers, being involved in education. improving the schools, communities, neighborhoods. the gains don't stop with the families. we estimated that it is about $21 billion to $45 billion increase in earnings and spending power over 10 years. if we could take the 8.5 million folks who are not naturalized and naturalize half of them, those are the gains we would get. in texas, it is about $1 billion to $2 billion per year if you can move naturalization rates up. it is money we are leaving on the floor. >> you take half of the 8.5 million that could naturalize, you get up to $45 billion, over what amount of time? >> over 10 years. one
of north america because we had made our aggressive push in the renewable energy, particularly in solar. (applause) >> thank you. and we want other cities to win that title as well. we're not satisfied being the only city in north america that earns that title. we want other cities to earn that as well because that will up the competition, and we like competition in this area. we also passed a business tax exclusion for clean tech firms in our city. we've taken advantage of our position as being in the center for business and innovation to become a hub for international clean tech firm. our historic strength and our city has been in finance, and, so, solar firm are moving here to san francisco to be close to their financial partners and to major utilities and government agencies such as pacific gas and electric, our san francisco public utilities commission, our california public utilities commission as well as the environmental protection agencies. we are now home to more than 35 solar companies and five of the top 10 solar module manufacturers in the world have their offices here in s
>>> making news in america this morning -- breaking overnight, a new terror threat, forcing precautions overseas. americans being told to leave another country. >>> wild world. the rain keeps coming in parts of the country. triggering flash floods and the dramatic rescue of a newborn baby. >>> facebook shocker. a woman found dead. the suspect's facebook friends get a look at the crime scene plus a confession. >>> and a man turned a trash dumpster into a home. complete with bed, bathroom, and that's not all. >>> good friday morning. u.s. interests in pakistan are under threat this morning because of new terror fears. the state department is warning americans against travel there. >> they say there's a specific threat against the u.s. consulate in lahore, pakistan's second-largest city. abc's kristin fisher joining us on the latest details from overnight. >> reporter: diana, john, the key word is specific. this is a specific threat against the u.s. consulate in lahore, which is why only a handful of emergency personnel have been allowed to stay. all americans are now being urg
flavors, there are more ways than ever to love caramel. try the new caramel coconut today. america runs on dunkin'. pretzels! [loudly] no, thanks! pretzel roll from dunkin'. try the new pretzel roll sandwiches from dunkin' -- get any bakery sandwich on a soft, warm pretzel roll today. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning. the ravens back home this morning. they beat the bucs last night. it was a night when dark clouds rolled in over the stadium. the skies opened up. joe flacco try to open up the ravens offense. he was intercepted by danny gorrer. joe was seven for nine. all ravens after that. bernard pierce making a big difference. 20-yard touchdown. he goes down hard. late first half. anthony allen dives in. 34 seconds left in the half. the ravens by four. back for the punt. he goes in untouched and blocks the on. cores in about 30 seconds. laquan williams caught a touchdown in the second half by tyrod taylor. the ravens roll and will play atlanta at home. chris tillman goes for his 15th win as the orioles lay the giants. the birds are five at half games back of the red sox. the re
in the american- russian relationship. and senior fellow ship at the partnership for secure america. was this just for a short time, he is a journalist at the russian service. halfway through this, you are off. we will get your thoughts in a moment. by satellite we have to guess, the director studies at the institute democracy, good to see. in washington d.c., the chief political columnist and one house correspondent for newsmax. what are the issues that could fit into something called human rights under the criminal justice system? your time is scarce. tell us what you have written about its implications and ramifications for all of us. >> i am following this case like you are for several years. each time there's something new, it gets more and more unbelievable if you have read kafka or orwell, this is nothing. they say the russian officials stole 230 million. people put him in prison when he testified and he stayed in prison 358 days after he was tortured and almost died. after this campaign started, the united states and europeans want to maybe discuss it. at the same time, russia saw european
," traveled across south america relying entirely on the kindness of strangers. i did a couple of, let's call them social experiments where i walked across america relying on the kindness of strangers. i did it across europe. i gave back by driving a vintage london traction xi across america giving free cab rides to people. i decided that i wanted to do the final epic edadventure, whi was in some way to do what they did which is relying on the kindness of stranger on a motor bike. >> are you going to carry a credit card or cash just in case like an emergency? >> i'm going to be carry nothing credit cards and no cash. the emergencies will be helped by people like you. >>> back with another funny video. >> some life calculations. >> she wanted to calculate how much time she spent doing various activities. first thing, makeup. >> so i have been wearing makeup since i was 15, like 11 years. average all that up about an hour each time to do my makeup. five days a week, five hours a week, 519 full [ bleep ] days i sit putting a face on my face. >> think about that, wow. >> she goes on. >> say you d
america to contact them. and i'll be happy to certify in any way possible. thanks again for carrying this legislation >> thank you. any additional public comments? >> good afternoon supervisors i'm steven. i'm a concerned citizen of san francisco county. i've lived here for 55 years and i'm disturbed about what happens over the park. a couple of saturdays ago we had 3 banners from papers above us so this is corporate sky graffiti. and we're very concerned about the impact of tourism too. this city is progressive but when it has an impact of its beans flying over the city we're concerned about the air and noise and visual pollution. what's the impact upon our bird population let alone the human population. i'm in support of the baen and the elimination of all banners flying over san francisco county. this is getting a little bit ridiculous. the americans are taking 35 bits of advertising and if we can't look at the beautiful of the golden gate bridge we're not a beautiful city. i thank you for taking my testimony and i hope that san francisco has a better tomorrow >> thank you very
that first deal, i would have never got the number-one hit reality real estate show in america, become america's number-onee me, and trainer and investor, and ultimately i wouldt be talking to you right now. if i can do it, you can do it. if my students can do it, you can do it.n do it with the t training, but you got to call that number. >> announcer: armando montelongo, star of a&e's hit tv show fliphis house, and inc. 500's number oneeducaty in the country is bringing his armando live event series to your area this week. this is a rare opportunityto lee real estate strategies that made him a household name. armando's team will take youandw you that you can eliminate debt and create cash now so you and your family can benefit from today's foreclosure market. at armando's live event, you will learn that you can help others out of foreclosure while making huge sums of cash in today's market and in your backyard; that now is the time to buy renovate, and sell real estate with or without your money or your credit; that you can do this in your marketplace now; you can get pre-foreclosures
. >>peter: no one knows more about corporate america than you. you said this is akin to what in terms of corporations? >> the turn around specialist. >>peter: when those turn-around guys come in, don't they have targs -- targets? don't they say your contract is going to end unless you bring our expenses down x percent or you increase our numbers up this way? >> i don't know whether that is in this guy's contract. he's got a thee-year contract. -- a three-year contract. ask yourself is it not cheaper to spend a half million dollars on a high-priced professional than going into bankruptcy. >>peter: what should we be doing on that? great question po pose today. you'll be posing other questions and giving more answers at 9:20. >> i'm free with my opinion. >>peter: they are free but they're worth a lot. how does the government plan to stop leaks at the n.s.a.? the plan to replace people with machines. really? okay. then just can't get the kid to sleep? how these interactive pajamas can change your life if you're a parent. i think it's working. good morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ]
>> it was great to have you here, kelly. >> great to be here. >> america live starts right now. >> we start this hour with a fox news alert. less than two hours away from president obama's first formal solo news conference since april, a look for you in the white house. reporters expected to pepper him with questions about his decision not to meet with russian president vladimar putin and the administration's continued use of the controversial talking point. i am jamie colby. >> and i am greg jarret. >> they are focusing on law makers wasting time and attention on phony scandal instead of the people's work. >> to often over the past two years, washington took its eye off of the ball. they have allowed political postural and phony scandal to distract from our economy and growing middle-class. >> fox news poll find that people do not agree with the president. the interest in the benghazi terrorist attack is anything but phony and not phony to voters, nsa snooping on americans. and the justice department seizing telephone records and irs targeting conservative groups for extra scr
on the studio on the upper west side. no longer there. only played at one theatre in america for two weeks. and there were lines around the block. >> john: i was at nyu back when that came out. back in the '80s, you and jim were all we were allowed to talk about. >> what it tells me about "from she's gonna have it," 27 years ago today until presently, somehow, of all of the films i've done, all over those three decades, it moved people. it has to. if someone is giving you their last $5, you did a movie. you did something. that connected them. and they never forgot it. >> john: that's the power of the media. for me, that's what film making is about. telling stories. >> john: you have an artistic professor of nyu's graduate film program for over ten years now. >> 15 teaching and five as artistic director. >> john: how did that lead you to getting into kick starter? >> well, i teach one day a week. 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. people sign up on my door for half an hour. i have lunch from 1:00 to 2:00. we have class from 2:00 to 5:00. and only teach third year director students. many of my students
busy during that doing that, sorry not to that. but dr. carson is a wonderful asset to america and totality. he is an asset to us. like i said, a person who focuses on the attributes and what the gain is -- personally, you have to focus on the people. it is all about the people. the people are together, everyone is together. host: all right, that is irene. jill -- jimmy post on our facebook page -- the current crop is mostly made up of the ruling class was stowing their own with congratulations for being better than a us little people. liberals got the class they were clamoring for. oprah winfrey? synnex cockles composer mike in savannah, georgia. -- the next call comes from mike in savannah, georgia. caller: yes, definitely oprah winfrey. not my choice, but she deserves to be nominated. just to answer some of the people calling in about oprah, these are people who listen to rush limbaugh and all the fox people who tend to divide people. they do not call those people out. but oprah has been generous to a lot of people in this country. they want to call her out at some cap type
morning news. more trouble for the america's cup white the defending champion is no longer the defending champion. >> it is a traffic jam you could only find in the midwest. we will explain the kron 4 morning news midwest. we will explain the kron 4 morning news continues. ; midwest. we will explain the kron 4 morning news continues. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at kp.org and thrive. the not noso pre py try h h about outheir eidy wdyhese i woi uldn'tdnhangha [ femalema announner ]er thisthest esperpe was desidegned tedreacre like you yr skinsk if oifther bery way es es can stristp thisthaperap imaginage how hoharsh rsey ceb to you yr skinsk oh my goy sh. [ femalema announner ]er dove ives diffdient.en its brs eakthrktough fghmuu cha
around the world i want to make clear once again that america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. our intelligence is focused above all on finding the information that's necessary to protect our people and in many cases protect our allies. it's true, we have a significant capability. what's also true is we show a restraint that many governments around the world don't even think to do. refuse to show. >> reporter: president obama said he had already on his own accord thought about asking for changes in the nsa, looking into the process, but he admit, larry, that edward snowden accelerates the process. >> yeah, that's the key points. he thought about it. i'm sure. i think about a lot of important things, steve handelsman, and so do you. it was only in recent months where president obama was defending all these surveillance programs lock, stock and barrel. seriously. against criticism from his own party and from even many in the republican party. what changed his mind? friday afternoon, august, humid weather all of a sudden he comes out with this. what's your take? >> reporte
. coal is pretty simple stuff. if you can't burn it in america, put it on a train, ship it over to china or india. so, we got market forces. and against that we have to marshal intelligence and collaboration and political response, because this stuff is serious. and the fact that people aren't worried about it and don't talk about it doesn't mean it isn't serious. and that's the insidious character of this -- of this challenge, that some people know about it, 90, 97% of the scientists who deal in climate science all agree that when it comes to doing something it takes leadership. and not just political leadership, but business leadership, church leadership, academic leadership. and that's the context, i believe, in which you have come together. you're focusing on solar energy. that's a big piece. there's plenty of sun out there to take care of our energy. it's going to take time. it's going to take technology. it's going to take scientific breakthroughs, research, and development. and it's going to take storage. and it's going to take various insebastianvv stifle. just in california you
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to contemplate. at last count there were 3.6 million front line cashiers, cook and crew in america's fast food industry. a living wage would eliminate 3.6 million poor people. that's the kind of thing hitler used to talk about. if only someone had been around give him a happy meal. layoff laugh and i'm not the only one with maximum rage over the minimum wage, so is fox news anchor and burst tube of pillsbury crescent rolls so is neil cavuto. >> diever tell you when i was a kid you would be grateful for any job you could find. now a lot of kids turn up their noses at fast food jobs and go begging at $11. a lot of folks would be happy with any wage, any time. >> stephen: neil and i are not fixated on our hourly wage. i don't know what i make an hour. that many zeros gives me vertigo. i want to support him in my new segment, "rich white guys agreeing with each other." ( cheers and applause ) folks, if you're out of work, you get up off your sesame seed buns and take anything you can get. just listen to neil's inspiring story. >> all i know is as soon as i turned 16 and heard that a fast food cha
. >>> joining me now is john watch -- walsh. host of america's most wanted. fascinating interview, painting a very different picture, sort of kind of persona that we seem to be dealing with with a mass killer and kidnapper. what do you make of it? >> well, he's certainly hoping it isn't his friend and we live in such a society that both you and i would say this man is accused of kidnapping this girl and murdering her mother and probably her brother. we should stay accused by the fbi and police say he is pedophile that kidnapped a 16-year-old girl and the main suspect in the murder e of her mother and the murder of her 8-year-old brother, although they haven't determined those are his remains yet. so it seems the law enforcement agencies and the state of california, which issued the amber alert think he's the number one suspect. let's not forget about jerry sandusky who was sod miezing an 11-year-old boy in the locker room and nobody could believe it was jerry sandusky. >> right. >> ariel castro who kept three girls in a house for ten years, his little 14-year-old daughter was gina dee jesu
chambers again. and the united states of america doing absolutely nothing about it this time. if nixon trusted anyone, he trusted henry kissinger, which was as stupid a calculation as he ever made. kissinger was as un-trustworthy a person who ever worked in government. they tell the final mistake nixon made with henry kissinger. it was the night before he announced his resignation, he spent time with him. when kissinger returned to his office, the phone rang. it was the president. lawrence egleburger picked up the extension to listen. that was the custom. eagleburger was shocked. the president was slurring his words. he was drunk, out of control. eagleburger could barely make out what he said. he felt ill and hung up. the president had one last request, henry, please don't ever tell anyone that i cried and that i was not strong. there is the drunk president of the united states begging henry kissinger not to tell anyone on a phone line, where kissinger always made sure he was already telling someone else, because someone else was always listening. and then kissinger, and eagleburger ma
city in america is all of the south. actually five of the top 10 are southern including charleston in savannah. fun fact, i have never been to charleston, especially in the late 1990s when all of the male escorts went missing. can't emphasize that one enough. anyway, speaking of rude. >> oh, and animals are mean to other animals and it makes humans look a little nicer. >> that cat suffocated. >> suffocated with hilarity. >> but then dies. >> yes, dies -- >> you can't prove that. >> it died of laughter, ambassador. i have an issue with this friendly versus unfriendly thing. and i was hoping you could give me a nonnonsense cal answer and you don't just babble. they are saying friendly, not friendly. isn't this code for something else? >> it is code for this is a sham because they are jerks everywhere. >> you are missing my point. >> my question is don't they mean something else when you look at the list? >> it means that this is a travel survey and the city is probably, and i don't know for sure, supporty the magazine or had some other interest there. >> she is evading the question f
for the fanfest and the giants take on the baltimore orioles at 1:05 and the semi finals of to the america's cup start this afternoon along the embarcadero. >> benicia has decided to prepare an environmental impact report delaying the plan to transfer crude oil by rail to the refinery. the city decided to call for more review after receiving dozens of public comments and conflicting scientific views on the $30 million rail facility project. officials hoped to get approve next month and now the project is not expected to go before the planning commission until december at the usualliest. they ship crude oil to the refinery by boat. >> a murder led to a stand off and fail police shooting in sunnyvale. >> that was police gunfire as they confront add man after a two hour stand off which stated after a man murdered his estranged wife. they were in court on wednesday for divorce proceedings and she filed a restraining order and he owns a metal work company a short drive from the home. >> happening today, mills while students in people bring are scheduled to retake their advance praise placement test a
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